Longest rivers in Africa major rivers in Africa and their location

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River Nile

River Nile is the longest river in Africa and the world with the length of 4,132 miles (6,650km) flowing From Burundi meandering through Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia up to Egypt on its course to the Mediterranean Sea.

Coordinates: 18.4500° N, 33.3833° E

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river nile


  • River Nile is so famous because it’s the disputed longest river in the whole world.
  • River Nile also flows from the south to the north direction in the African Continent.
  • River Nile has 3 major tributaries: The Blue Nile from Uganda, The White Nile through South Sudan and the Atbara.
  • River Nile is Egypt’s lifeblood due to the fact that the country’s population lives, cultivates in the Nile Valley.

Activities on river Nile

  • Fishing on river Nile: They fish species like Tilapia, Nile perch that are found in river Nile
  • Tourism and Sport on the Nile River: water games like rafting for many tourists who visit the river Nile.
  • Farming in the Nile Valley: Farming activities are going in the Nile Valley of Egypt.
  • Navigation takes place on some parts of the Nile River.
  • Irrigation Schemes on River Nile: The river has the potential to support agricultural farming through irrigation
  • Wildlife: River Nile is supporting lots of wildlife e.g.: hippos, crocodiles etc… and many species of birds.
  • Energy Production: River Nile has been tapped in for energy production with potential for more energies in the future.

Vegetation on river Nile

River Nile the longest in Africa and the world supports different types of vegetation e.g. papyrus, plume thistle, hamomile, blue Egyptian water lily and opium poppy among others

The navigable part of the river

The total area is navigable on River Nile around 1,545 km.

Energy production on river Nile

River Nile’s potential for energy production in different countries where it flows through. River Nile is energy supply is as follows;

  1. Burundi – 20mw
  2. Egypt – 40 mw
  3. Ethiopia- 13,947 mw
  4. Rwanda – 20 mw
  5. South Sudan – 2,570 mw
  6. Sudan – 3,280 mw
  7. Uganda -4,343 mw

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