Kyambogo university cheating girlfriend caused the death of Doribert Atwesigye

Kyambogo university cheating girlfriend caused the death of Doribert Atwesigye

Kyambogo university cheating girlfriend caused the death of Doribert Atwesigye

An eye witness had an abrupt visit today at Kyambogo university to zoom on Saturday shooting at a hostel where a private security guard killed a man visiting his girlfriend at a hostel near Kyambogo University, have given an account of how the murder happened.

Doribert Atwesigye was shot at about 6:30am after he allegedly attempted to forcibly enter the room, where his girlfriend, Ms Linnet Ainomugisha, a third-year student of Kyambogo University, lives.
The deceased had reportedly spent the night in a car outside the Kabojja Hostel, waiting for her to return from an outing.

A worker in the hostel said Atwesigye had been regularly visiting Ms Ainomugisha, but on a fateful day he did not find her there. It is alleged Atwesigye suspected Ms Ainomugisha of cheating on him.
“He came at 9:30pm. He asked whether Linnet was around and was told she wasn’t. He waited for some time, then made another request to be allowed to go to her room to check, which the guard rejected,” the worker said.
He said Atwesigye returned to his car which was parked outside the hostel.

“He said he would wait until Linnet came back,” the worker said.
The worker said the guard revealed to him that Atwesigye returned to him at 5:30am.
“The guard told me that the deceased asked him to allow him use the hostel toilets. The guard gave him the key, but the deceased did not return it. The guard said he saw lights in the corridor go off,” he said.

Hostel authorities
Mr Julius Walakira, the hostel custodian, said visitors are not allowed into the hostel premises beyond midnight for security reasons.
He added that the guard told him when he saw lights going off, he rushed to the place only to find someone at Ms Ainemugisha’s room door.
“The guard said he asked the person but he abused him in reply. During the exchange, the guard shot him (Atwesigye),” Mr Walakira said.
Upon hearing the gunfire, students rushed out only to find Atwesigye on the ground bleeding in the chest.

They organised to take him to the hospital, according to hostel workers.
“If there is anyone who knows how to drive, use my car and take me to hospital,” one worker quoted the deceased.
A Local Council official drove him to Iran Hospital, where he died later.
It is alleged Ainomugisha returned at about 7:30am after the incident.

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