KCCA Engineering and Technical services

Directorate of Engineering and Technical Services

Image: Justus Akankwasa, Direcror Engineering and Technical Services
Eng. Andrew Kitaka
Director of Engineering and Technical Services

The mandate of the Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for designing, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure, giving technical support and controlling infrastructure developments in the City, in terms of defining structural designs, carrying out road works and maintenance of City infrastructure.   The Directorate guides the Authority on the urban structural design, infrastructure improvement and road network development in the City.

Strategic Direction

E&TS has defined its strategic direction to review the functional designs and contract professional firms to revamp the City infrastructure, road network, and manage transport for a modern and easily accessible City.

Core Functions of the Engineering &Technical Service Directorate

The Core Functions include the following:

  1. Plan, design and manage the construction, rehabilitation, upgrading and periodic maintenance of the City Roads including the Road marking and signage.
  2. Plan, design and manage the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the City drainage systems.
  3. Plan, design and manage the provision of traffic and street lighting for the City.
  4. Plan,  design and manage the construction and maintenance of the City Authority Building Infrastructure,
  5. Monitor and   propose areas  for  improvement of  city  traffic
  6. Plan, design  and manage street parking space and  other facilities  in the City
  7. Plan, design and  manage public  transportation  in the City


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