Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Projects (KIIDP)

Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Projects (KIIDP)

Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Projects (KIIDP)

This project is widening and upgrading roads and drainages in Kampala.  It also is easing revenue collection, house and road location. The project continues to improve urban mobility and inclusive economic growth.….

The Second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project (KIIDP 2) seeks to enhance infrastructure and institutional capacity of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and improve urban mobility for inclusive economic growth.


This five year project is worth US$183.7 Million and its implementation started in May 2015. The project is funded by the World Bank and the Government of Uganda, and is implemented by Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA.
The project serves and benefits five Divisions of Kampala: Central, Nakawa, Makindye, Kawempe, and Rubaga.
The project has two components:

  1. Widen, upgrade and construct city roads, junctions, drainage and associated infrastructure. The project is:
    1. Reconstructing and widening roads
    2. Constructing and converting roads into dual carriage
    3. Upgrading gravel roads to tarmac
    4. Signalizing 15 standalone junctions and 16 incidental junctions
    5. Designing and constructing drainage channels
    6. Preparing a Multi Modal Urban Transport Master plan
    7. Updating the Kampala Drainage Master plan


  1. The second component is the institutional and systems development support which aims to strengthen the capacity of KCCA to deliver on its mandate.  Under this component, the project is:
    1. Establishing an automated register for all properties and roads in the city
    2. Constructing a Traffic Control Centre
    3. Locating and naming premises and roads within the city
    4. Streamlining the Revenue Management Systems


KCCA Flags Off Construction of Five Roads

A good city road is one that is tarmacked, with marked lanes, a pedestrian walkway, street lights, fitted with road signs and traffic lights at junctions. A good road should be connected to a robust road network and highways to ease movement, in and out of the city.

A new set of roads were handed over in the week of May 17th, 2019 to two international firms to start construction work. The KCCA Executive Director Eng. Andrew Kitaka said, “After an exhaustive procurement process, KCCA has signed agreements with two firms to construct five roads. We assure residents of Kampala of quality work. All five roads will be completed within 18 months.” The roads shall be constructed under the Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project Phase Two.


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