Kampala Capital City of Uganda

Kampala Capital City of Uganda

Kampala Capital City Authority


To be a Vibrant, Attractive and Sustainable City


To Deliver Quality Services to the City

Core Values:

Excellence, Integrity, Innovativeness, Teamwork and Client Care

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  1. Administration and HRM
  2. Physical Planning
  3. Treasury Services
  4. Engineering and Technical services
  5. Public Health Services and Environment
  6. Education and Social Services
  7. Legal Affairs
  8. Revenue Collection
  9. Internal Audit
  10. Gender Community Services and Production
  11. Office of the Executive Director

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REFERENCE/CITATION : https://www.kcca.go.ug/

Kampala City is the national and commercial capital of Uganda, in East Africa bordering Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Its Hills are covered with red-tile villas and various trees surrounding a growing urban centre with contemporary few skyscrapers. Within the downtown area of Kampala Capital city, the Uganda Museum explores the country’s tribal heritage through an extensive collection of artefacts. On nearby Mengo Hill is Lubiri Palace for the Kabaka, the former seat of the Buganda Kingdom headquarters.
Elevation: 1,190 m
Area: 189 km²
Weather: 21°C, Wind NW at 6 km/h, 82% Humidity
Local time: Saturday 21:36
Population:1.507 million (2014) United Nations

Map Showing Kampala Capital City and it’s borders

What is Kampala famous for?

Among the many hills of Kampala Capital City, a one Kololo Hill holds the Uganda Museum And the Kololo Airstrip where Uganda got its independence from Britain. Kololo Hill is so popular as the highest hills among others in Kampala cityKampala city is also known for being the locale for one of the seven Baha’i Houses of Worship known throughout the entire world. This temple sits atop the Kikaya Hill near Ntinda.

Kampala Capital City of Uganda- Famous Wonders

From this script, you’re about to know or discover the famous wonders held by Kampala Capital City in Uganda. As a central city of Uganda, it was initially built on seven hills Viz;

  • Mengo
  • Rubaga
  • Namirembe
  • Makerere
  • Kololo
  • Nakasero, and
  • Kampala (Old Kampala)


. The number of hills, however, has increased as the landscape of the city changed. In this hilly city, you will find a number of suburbs housing various places of notable cultural interest. One of the hills of Kampala, the Kololo Hill holds the Uganda Museum. Kololo Hill is known as the highest hill in Kampala. Kampala is also known for being the locale for one of the seven Baha’i Houses of Worship known throughout the entire world. This temple sits atop the Kikaya Hill. Towards the western part of Kampala, you can find the palace of the King of Buganda. Buganda is written down in history as one of Africa’s oldest kingdoms. It was the King of Buganda who chose the rolling hills to be named as Kampala and to be used as his hunting grounds. Today, a visit to Uganda will not be complete without a glimpse of Kampala’s historical treasures to be found in famous landmarks like the Kasubi tombs, the old Kampala mosque, the cathedrals of Namirembe and Rubaga.

The climate in Kampala is generally warm and dry. This outdoor-friendly weather creates the perfect backdrop for a stroll around the city. You can also try a ride on the boda-bodas, the local motorcycle transportation, and weave through rush hour traffic with ease. This, however, should not be done by those that are faint of heart since some of these boda-bodas can be quite dangerous as they are often poorly maintained. The city bus service might be a better option for those who want to explore other areas in metropolitan Kampala. As night falls, the lights of Kampala’s restaurants, shopping centres, and casinos welcome tourists and locals alike for a relaxing cap to their busy days. The most popular casinos in Kampala are the Kampala Casino, the Mayfair Casino, and the Casino Simba which is located right at the heart of the Garden City Shopping Center.

Is Kampala safe for tourists?

Kampala Capital City, with a population of approximately 2.5 million, is by far the largest city in Uganda. It is not yet completely overwhelmed with traffic and sprawl like Nairobi and Lagos. Additionally, Kampala is very safe to walk around, even at night, a welcome fact for many a high-strung visitor arriving from Nairobi

only known as the green city in the sun, Kampala commercial and administrative capital of Uganda. Spread over more than twenty hills, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.
Its architecture is a mixture of the modern, the colonial and the Indian. Its roads are its two million inhabitants.
Sitting at an altitude of 1,180m above sea level, it enjoys pleasant weather, with annual temperatures averaging 17 degrees Celsius (minimum) and 27 degrees Celsius (maximum).
To the south is Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake and the source of the longest river in the world, the River Nile.
The history of Kampala, like that of many other cities in the world, is wrapped in both folklore and historical facts.
According to folklore, swamps and hills dominated much of the area where it presently stands.

This made it an ideal habitat for Impala and other members of the antelope family. The animals grazed on the slopes of the hills and came down to the swamps for water. The palace of the Kabaka (king) of Buganda, located on the landscape rich in Impala herds. The king thus turned it into his hunting grounds.
Folklore merged with history when the British Empire builders arrived at the end of the 19th century.
“Impala” was the English name for that particular antelope family. So the British referred to the area as the “hill of the Impala”, which the Baganda translated into Luganda as “kasozi k’empala” and eventually “kampala”. Kasozi means hill.
So whenever the kabaka left the palace to go hunting his favorite game, royal courtiers would say “the kabaka has gone to    Kampala to hunt”, thus the name was born.
The tag “the hill of the Impala”, however, specifically referred to the hill on which colonial victory, Captain Fredrick Lugard, of the Imperial British East African Company, established base in 1890.
Now known as Old K’la, this hill would be the administrative headquarters of the company (and Uganda) until 1894 when the administrative headquarters of the British Protectorate were transferred to Entebbe.
In 1962 upon attainment of independence, it regained its status as the capital of Uganda. From a small hamlet occupying 19 square kilometers, it had spread to seven hills by the time of independence, earning the tag “city of seven hills”.

The original seven hills are: Mengo, Rubaga, Namirembe, Makerere, Kololo, Nakasero, and Kampala (Old K’la).
Today, greater Kampala stands on at least 21 hills. We take you through the prominent hills that form the modern day capital and their signature to the city’s political and socio-economic life, starting with the original seven.


Old Kampala Hill Mengo Hill
Namirembe Hill Rubaga Hill
Nakasero Hill Kololo Hill
Kibuli Hill  Nsambya Hill
Naguru Hill Mbuya Hill
Mulago Hill Makerere Hill
Buziga Hill Muyenga Hill
Mutundwe Hill Mutungo Hill
Kireka Hill Makindye Hill
Banda Hill

What to see

The Kasubi tombs – where the remains of the Kings of Buganda were buried Uganda, Uganda Museum, Nommo art gallery, National Theatre, Cathedrals – Rubaga and Namirembe, Parliament of Uganda (and Independence monument).





The All Terrain Café, Bujagali Falls – Tel: 0772 377185.
Aroma City coffee shop Garden City, Ground Floor.  Tel: 0772 833833.
BanCafe coffee shop- Shop 10, Shimon Road. (0312) 263003
Tel: (0414) 346834.
Rocks & Roses Tea Room – 2 Acacia Ave. Tel: 0752 766770.
1000 Cups – 18 Buganda Road. Tel: 0772 505619 / 0782 544313, Email:coffeestm@hotmail.com
Café Ballet coffee shop- 34c Kyadondo Road, Nakasero.
Tel: 0414 234 190. Mobile: 0752 311 661
Email: cafeballet@one2netmail.co.ug
Cafe Pap – 13 Parliamentary Avenue. Tel: (0414) 254570,
0712 652443. Email: cafepap@infocom.co.ug
Rwenzori Coffee Shop – Lugogo Mall. Tel: (0414) 576007,
0712 412127.
Boldwins Cafe – Block B, 2nd Fl., Crested Towers. Tel: (0414) 235753
Panorama Coffee Shop – 9th Floor Worker’s House.
Tel:  (0312) 262444, 0772 848777.



Ange Noir & Ange Mystique – 77A 1st Street. Tel: (0414) 230190.

Club Silk – 15/17 1st Street. Tel: (0414) 345362, (0414) 250907.

Club Obbligato – Old Port Bell Road.
The Basement Discotheque – Equatoria Hotel, William Street.
Tel: 0772 501345, Fax: (041) 232364.

Legends – Entebbe high street. Tel: 0752 517806

Rouge Lounge – 2b Jinja Road (Next to the railway station).
Tel: 0712 707687.


The Grand Casino – Block B, Crested Towers, Plot 17, 21, 23, 25
Hannington Road. Email: thegrandcasino@hotmail.com



Super Markets
Shoprite – Ben Kiwanuka Street. Tel: (0312) 228100,
Fax: (0312) 228210.

Capital Shoppers Delight
 – 5 Market Square.
Tel: (0414) – 254523.

Game Stores – Lugogo Mall, Jinja Road. Tel: (0312) 350400

Kwiksave Convenience – 28 K’la Road, UIA.
Tel: (0414) 258258, 0772 200068.

Millennium – 23 Cooper Road, Kisementi. Tel: (0414) 233495.

Shopper’s Paradise – 265 Bombo Road. Tel: (0414) 533646.

Uchumi – Garden City, Yusuf Lule Road. Tel: (0414) 252077.

Your Choice, “Farmers Choice Alley” – 78 K’la Road.
Tel: (0414) 235347, Fax: (041) 232390.

Starlite – 
Bombo Road (Opp. Sure House). Tel: (0414) 342295

Embassy Supermarket – 
1470, Nsambya, Ggaba Road.
Tel: (0414) 268837, 0772 451814. Fax: (041) 268839.

Payless – 
Kisementi, Bugolobi, Ggaba Road. Tel: (0414) 342238, (0414) 222859, (0414) 269827, (0414) 267556.



Fashion Hut Boutique – Plot 110 Bukoto Street, K’la, Uganda. Tel: 0712 786567 / 0712 186468
Sylvia Owori – Shop 6, 3rd Fl. Garden City. Tel: (0414) 345810, Email: sowori@aol.com
Global Boutique – Garden City, The Market.  Tel: 0772 424 265
Imagez – 2nd Floor Garden City Mall, K’la. Tel: 0312 262601.
Email: imagez@infocom.co.ug
Joy Dee – Garden City, 2nd Floor.  Tel:  0772 616 302
Brovad Linen and Fashion – Garden City, 2nd Floor. Tel:  0772 650075
Nip 2 Hip – Garden City, The Market.  Tel:  0772 403 093
Phenix Logistics/Crocodile International – Garden City,
1st Floor.  Tel:  (0)41 253725.
Tingz – Sheraton Arcade, K’la. Tel: 0774 039074.
Email: imagez@infocom.co.ug
Vee Bees Creations –   Kisementi Shop 10.  Tel: 0782 2346653, (0414) 220563, E-mail: veebeescreations@aol.com
Fashion Wear – Garden City, 1st Floor.  Tel: (0414) 236 432/3
Woolworth – Garden City, First Floor.  Tel: (0414) 252174.
Email: acha@imul.com
Knights Polo – Garden City, 2nd Floor.  Tel:  (0)41 252 777.
Lady Charlotte – Garden City, 1st Floor.  Tel:  0772 406 638



Aidchild Gallery – At the Equator on Masaka Road & Sheraton Hotel. Tel: 0772 616861.

Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd –
Basement shop, Teachers House, Bombo Rd. Tel: (041) 250077.
Email: ugandacrafts2000ltd@yahoo.com
Website: www.ugandacrafts2000ltd.org

Gallery Okapi – Ggaba Road. Tel: 0712 470015,
Fax: (041) 268764

Makerere School of Fine Art – Makerere University.

Nommo Gallery – 4 Victoria Avenue, Nakasero.
Tel: (0414) 234475, 0772 502553.
E-mail: culture@africaonline.co.ug

Rwenzori Crafts – Tel: 0712 493965,
Email: inekejongerius@yahoo.co.uk

Tulifanya Art Gallery – 28/30 Hannington Road.
Tel: (0414) 254183, Fax: (041) 267809.

Banana Boat – Banana Boat – Crafts, Gifts, Interiors and Tribal Art in 3 Shops: 23 Cooper Road, Kisementi – Garden City Shopping Centre – Lugogo Mall, crafts@bananaboat.co.ug

Aada Africa Art Gallery – beads, jewelry, antiques and fabrics.  Appointment only, tel: 0782 752899, aadaafrica@yahoo.com.




The Surgery – (Dr. R.J. Stockley), 2 Acacia Avenue, Kololo.
Tel: (0414) 256003. 24 Hour Emergency Service.
Tel: 0752 756003, Ambulance Service. Tel: 0752 756003
Email: stockley@thesurgeryuganda.org
Website: www.thesurgeryuganda.org
International Medical Centre – (Dr. I. Clarke) (IHK), Namuwongo,
Tel 🙁 0312) 200400, Ambulance Service: 0772 200400/1
Children’s Clinic K’la – 40 Kyadondo Rd, Tel: (0414) 345235,
(0414) 567593. 24 Hr Emergency Service, (0312) 250362.
Kim’s Medical Centre – 4 Entebbe Road, Tel: (0414) 341777
& Ambulance Service: 0752 722000.
Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau – Plot 877 Balintuma Road, Mengo.
Tel: 0414 271776. Mobile: 0712 200641. Email: hsnsubuga@upmb.com.ug
AAR Health Service – Hill View Apartments, 7/9 Clement Hill Road.
Tel: (0414) 258527, Fax: (041) 258615.
Case Medical Centre – 69-71 Buganda Rd, Tel: (0414) 250362,
(0312) 261123. 24 Hr Emergency Service, (0312) 250362.
Sas Clinic – 76 K’la Road, Shoal House next to Sabrina’s Pub.
Open 24hrs. Tel: (0414) 345325, Fax: (041) 345339.



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