Background Information on Africa on Cable

Africa on Cable is a distinguished cable company started in Kampala, Uganda in the year 2019. The founder and establisher of Africa on cable is of a Ugandan origin who is championing for the digitalisation of Africa from Village, parish, sub-county, county, district, state and national data collection centres.  His major aim is to be the biggest research centre in Africa, to be one if not the bast research centre about African culture, minerals, nature (Flora and Fauna for tourists), political atmosphere and easy access of data for investment.

This is done specifically to allow travellers, Tourists, Politicians, Navigators etc.. with a visual aspect as well as a databank for any area of interest. Let’s say for Digitalisation, for voting and locating tally centres on the map and by mobile devices. This website is an initiative from a free will of the founder to earth or uncover hidden or lost data about each and every part of Africa based on an individual country.

African on cable is specifically serving Africa with its base in Uganda. Its major purpose is to research, collect, and store data for use in today’s generation, tomorrow and the future.

The major aim of this website and organization is to enhance the availability of research in Africa. Africa is behind because of lack of funds to make research. Even per this website or organization, we have no funds and in the future, we expect support from both local and foreign funders so to establish a strong database which anyone can refer to for research, for investment.

The bigger picture is to avail data for Investment and to make research for any investor in Africa, to avail data for Tourists and any kind of developments for the growth of Africa. This is concluded to this because, without accurate information on Africa, there will never be the development.

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