Africa natural resources facts and Africa natural resources map

Africa natural resources mapAfrica is a key territory on the world map made in oil and natural resources, the continent holds a strategic position.

Rich in oil and natural resources, the continent is that the world’s fastest-growing region for foreign direct investment. it’s about thirty % of the earth’s remaining natural resource.

It’s home to over forty totally different nations and around 2,000 languages. Black Africa has six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies. geographical area has Brobdingnagian oil and fossil fuel deposits, the Sahara holds the foremost strategic nuclear ore, and resources like columbite-tantalite, gold, and copper, among several others, area unit rich on the continent.

The region is filled with promise and untapped material resource – from oil and minerals and land to Brobdingnagian amounts of individuals capital – nevertheless, it’s struggled since colonial times to actually realise its potential.

Their absence speaks volumes. continent is blessed a fashionable bounty of natural resources. The continent holds around a half-hour of the world’s famed mineral reserves. These embody metal, uranium, diamonds and gold, moreover as vital oil and gas reserves.
Africa incorporates a great number of natural resources, together with diamonds, sugar, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, crude oil and cocoa beans, however conjointly woods and tropical fruits etc. Recent oil reserve discoveries have exaggerated the importance of that artefact on African economies.
Oil and gas
Africa is home to 5 of the world’s high oil-producing countries, with associate degree calculable fifty-seven p.c of Africa’s export earnings from hydrocarbons.

Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia, and Mocambique area unit all made in oil and gas.

Proven oil reserves have fully grown by nearly one hundred fifty p.c, increasing from fifty-three .4 billion barrels since 1980, to 130.3 billion barrels by the tip of 2012.
The region is home to 5 of the highest thirty oil-producing countries within the world and nearly $2tn of investments area unit expected by 2036.
Other resources
Besides oil and gas, the continent is made in precious minerals, forests and:

  • Diamonds: Angola, Botswana, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Gold: Benin, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Mali, South Africa, Tanzania.
  • Nickel and Uranium: Burundi.
  • Pozzolana: Cape Verde.
  • Fish: Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles.
  • Timber: Liberia.
  • Titanium: Gambia.
  • Graphite: Madagascar. 
  • Tobacco: Malawi.
  • Iron Ore: Mauritania.
  • Phosphates: Western Sahara, Morocco.
  • Aluminium and Gas: Guinea, Mozambique.
  • Cooper: Uganda, Zambia. 

Does Africa have a lot of resources?

Exploring the Natural Wealth of continent
The African continent is home to associate an abundance of natural resources that embrace diamonds, gold, oil, gas, uranium, platinum, copper, cobalt, iron, bauxite, silver, and more. during this section, we are going to explore several aspects of those resources. we {are going to} dig into however these resources are deep-mined and processed throughout history and in the contemporary world, and that we can discover the sensible applications of the resources.

A largely Untapped Wealth
Because continent has had an occasional native human density for an extended amount of your time, it’s been colonised and also the treasure trove of natural resources discovered. From area unita|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} to the Republic of South Africa and all over in between, there are large quantities of natural resources contained among the continent’s interior. despite the fact that the planet is oxyacetylene by artefact consumption, there’s such a lot natural wealth on the continent that a good deal of it’s nonetheless|so far|thus far|up to now|hitherto|heretofore|yet|til now|until now} unused – the deposits square measure thus rife that a number of it’s yet to be discovered. Through the years these resources are exploited by alternative countries together with USA, France, North American country and also the UK for varied sensible applications.

Limitless Potential for Application
The natural resources in continent square measure used much in several industries and in several countries on a daily basis. Industries embrace producing, industrial, and energy, medical and infrastructure development. The resource economy of the continent greatly contributes to the buildings and structures made on the continent. Besides native use, a number of the most important engineering comes square measure coupled to the trade of resources like oil and minerals, and enormous quantities of natural resources square measure exported to alternative countries. Metals exported from continent embrace U, platinum, nickel, mineral and metal. 2 of the foremost profitable mineral exports square measure gold and diamonds. The continent will turn out getting ready to five hundred heaps of gold a year and is accountable for an outsized share of the world’s diamonds.
Natural resources incontinent have a myriad sensible application, together with industrial, producing, medical, energy, and infrastructure development.

The materials we {are going to} survey here are omnipresent across the continent, and square measure for the most part untapped. From Nigeria to the Republic of South Africa, Egypt to Ghana and all over in between, African resources square measure gaining increasing importance in a very world oxyacetylene by artefact consumption.

Here we are going to dig into every one of the same resources, providing valuable data on the rarity, prevalence, extraction techniques, and uses of varied raw materials in the continent.

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